The Works

 A.  Serious students are to contact Ashley at the WYOMING District Office (307) 234-4102 to register or enroll for a class.  Use our secured online payment source on the register tab.  A Text Overview/Study guide is sent once payment is made for the course.     **You can also email a registration form to the

 B.  Students are to purchase the textbook, read it, and answer questions from the Text Overview.  All answers must be typed and two copies made.  Both copies must be brought to class--one will be kept by the student and the other sent to the District office when class completed.  

 C.  All classes held at Trinity Assembly of God, located at 604 9th St., Rawlins, WY 82301. Students are to sign in for class upon arrival—name, phone number, and email address requested. Classes held at various locations in the building.  Coffee and donuts served.  All classes begin at          8:00 AM! 


 Class Time Schedule (Some flexibility allowed per instructor): 
1) Session #1: 8:00 - 9:30 AM
2) Break: 9:30 - 9:45 AM
3) Session #2: 9:45 - 11:30 AM
4) Lunch: 11:30-12:00 PM
5) Session #3: 12:00 - 1:00 PM
6) Break: 1:00-1:15 PM
7) Administer Final Exam: 1:15 PM 

 D.  Students trade their Text Overview with another student and go over it in class with instructor.  Some discussion will ensue as material is taught question by question until completed.  Group interaction encouraged!       

 E.  Have students compile the Text Overview score--for example, the student got 50/58 answers correct-86%.  Corrected Text Overviews are given back to student for review before final exam is taken.  NOTE-the final exam comes exclusively from the Text Overview.

 F.  The instructor distributes the final exam.  After completed, the student turns it in to instructor.  They may leave or stay until it is graded.  Instructors grade the final exam and give appropriate grade on the percentage scale.  Students are graded on the following scale: class attendance-20%, Text Overview-40%, and Final Test-40%. 

 G.  Once grades are finalized, material is sent (both Text Overviews and Tests) to Ashley for recording. 

 H.  All students are encouraged to register/pay for next course of study before they leave! Once received, Ashley will send Text Overviews to students so they can begin preparation for the next course.  Students are responsible to purchase book online ( or in a bookstore (See Materials tab). 

 I.  Weather is the biggest challenge and we must communicate!  We will contact all students if a class is cancelled no later than the Friday before the class.  In case of inclement weather—our goal is to teach the course the following Saturday if at all possible.  Please contact Ashley or myself if you have questions on this.  This is vitally important!  

 J.  All courses in WYSOM are designed to enhance biblical knowledge and practical skill in ministry for those who sense the call of God or for those who desire spiritual enrichment and discipleship.  I encourage all to pray and seek the Lord regarding this golden opportunity!  We are to help individuals build a strong biblical foundation and lasting relationships—this is what makes WYSOM special! 

 K.  There is also an internship component for WYSOM.  All students expected to serve in their churches under the mentorship of a leader in the church such as a pastor or elder.  Contact the District office or myself if you have any questions in this regard.  More information will be sent out upon request.  

In His Love and Service,

 Pastor Kevin Davis 

New Hope Fellowship

(307) 413-7360

(307) 883-6050