Frequently asked questions


Aren't the one month classes a bit too intense?

 This is often asked by those who ar​e involved in correspondence class work where there are few time limits for completion.  WYSOM classes are intentionally designed to help the student learn the disciplines needed to successfully serve the Lord with excellence in the local church. We have students who are successfully completing their course work while working full time jobs and serving within their churches.  Perhaps the classes are intense for some, but all of our students and instructors have commented on the value of deadlines and regular meetings in classes with fellow students and instructors.


Can I register for more than one class?

 Yes, to save time it is a good idea to pay for upcoming classes.  Cost and efficiency are two advantages to the WYSOM program.  Please send your check to the District Office or register now.  You are encouraged to order your books early so you can begin immediately after the last class. 


Will course work from Global University or Berean School of the Bible transfer?

  Yes, courses that are equivalent; for example, Old Testament Survey, New Testament Survey, etc have equivalent courses in WYSOM.  We will transfer them.  For those who have several courses done in a specific level, we will allow them to either skip the class they have already taken and been given credit for, or audit the course (see Catalogue).

Is WYSOM just for those seeking ministerial credentials?

 NO, we have several students who are seeking to improve their leadership skills and deepen their biblical knowledge.  Pastors are commenting how having WYSOM students in their church has improved the discussions within their Bible studies and have helped raise up qualified teachers.  The focus of WYSOM is the development of servant/leaders in every area of church life. The Diploma of Biblical studies track is only one year of classes for those wanting to gain more biblical knowledge.