our story


Our Story

 In the Summer of 2012, Al Miller sensed the Lord directing him to investigate the development of a district wide training opportunity for those who couldn't afford to relocate and follow a more traditional approach to train for Christian service.  After considering several models he received a call from a longtime friend, Dr. Ian Hall, who had served on the faculty of North Central University and as a missionary to Romania for 20 years.  Brother Hall wanted to visit the Miller's and Wyoming so their visit for October was scheduled.  During their time together, Al shared his vision with Brother Hall who informed him that he had developed and served as Director of a DSOM (District School of Ministry) in Minnesota!  After a meeting with the Wyoming Superintendent and several others, it was apparent such a training opportunity was needed and welcomed.

The class of 2013-2014 is the first of many classes who will take part in the WYSOM experience.

We understand the rigors of education, the challenges of raising a family, and pursuing the call of God.  Our program is designed to do everything possible to provide excellence in training and the opportunity of networking with others including District officials, Pastors, and others who serve in the local church.

This is not a correspondence course.  WYSOM involves personal study, class time, passing a written exam, and interaction with instructors and other students.  If you have taken either Global University or Berean Courses, they transfer where equivalent.  

If you are interested in being a part in this adventure of learning, contact us through our "Contact" page and we will try to answer any questions or concerns.  

I am deeply indebted to the efforts of Pastor Al Miller and his hard work initiating WYSOM in our great Network.  He caught the vision and it is now a reality! May God bless the journey as we go forward training and networking servant leaders for the twenty-first century!  Pastor Kevin Davis, Director


We are beginning our Seventh Year in 2019!

 WYSOM Status Update - We are beginning our seventh year in 2019!

How amazing to have completed our 6th year!  God truly blessed us with His strength, provision, and power.  So many of our WYSOM students travel many miles from various places throughout the state to our classes held in Rawlins (167 miles from Douglas, 121 miles from Casper, 123 miles from Green River).  I believe we have more joining us this year who will travel from other communities as well.  This means most either book a hotel or drive up to 2 1/2 hours before class!  I've had the privilege to teach some classes and have been amazed when students arrive all ready to engage and learn.  The wonderful thing about WYSOM (the DSOM) experience is the class time and camaraderie all experience.  This has been significant among our students in their connection to one another and their instructors.  One student recently remarked, "It's so cool to get to know the subjects from different perspectives and range of experiences." 

Now we face the seventh year and continue offering something new-a Diploma in Biblical Studies (DBS) certificate where the student completes nine courses in one year.  The DBS is for those not necessarily interested in seeking credentials but desire a good foundation in understanding key books of the Bible.  If someone desires to seek credentialing the courses can be transferred to the correct level.  Also remember, we transfer classes from Berean and Global as well.  If you have a sense of call to serve the Lord in some capacity, why not consider preparing by joining the WYSOM journey with us!

Imagine what you can do in three years... debt free!

We are embarking on an amazing journey, preparing people who sense the call to join the ranks of those who are serving the Lord Jesus Christ in reaching the world with the Gospel.

Our District School of Ministry is designed to help those who find it impossible to either relocate or find it difficult to afford a traditional Bible college education.  The DSOM experience is designed to equip the called for servant leadership in the 21st century and help them develop the disciplines they will need to serve effectively.

Kevin Davis, Director, WYSOM (Wyoming School of Ministry)